2015 Revival in Panama

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We have many wonderful things to look forward to for 2015. As I reflect back on the beginnings of all of this energy in Punta Delgadita, I am amazed at how the global body of Christ has responded. It can be summarized no less than AWESOME on so many dimensions. We have discovered that truly our ministry (Cindy and David) is really global in that we minister with both sides of the border (all borders for that matter) and not just Santiago.

The way the global body of Christ in the U.S. has responded has been a miracle in and of itself. We began this work with one team. We now have 26 teams on board catching the vision and investing their grace gifts in Panama. Why is that I ask myself? It certainly is not because of my little sermonette they have to endure when here.
No, I suspect there are four things that can account for this revival and I can summarize it with four letters. P. R. A. Y.! Yep, I believe this sums it up in a nutshell and this acronym has become our mantra for 2015 which will serve 3 purposes. It describes our values, our priorities and our strategy.
What does P.R.A.Y. mean?

P. We are all involved in incarnation ministry, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” This is what we all do even when constructing, healing, teaching, playing. We are establishing a PRESENCE where there has not been previously a Methodist presence.
R. Relationship building is key to everything. We celebrate two kinds of relationships and seek to bring healing to both of them: relationship with God through Jesus Christ and relationship with our neighbor. What good is constructing something if it is empty, no one can relate to it, or if we heal their body but their soul is disjointed?
A. Our context is so different from anywhere else and certainly different from where our team members come from. The needs are different therefore we must ADAPT accordingly and maintain that attitude. Our context determines our Adaptation in order to meet those needs.
Y. We are all guests here and in a larger context, guests on our wonderful planet Earth. So, we must remain humble with our God and our neighbors and maintain that humility crying to God, “YES LORD, HERE AM I! USE ME IF YOU CAN.”

I believe our revival has occurred because our global body of Christ gets this PRAY when they are here. If they didn’t arrive with it, they certainly get it while they are here and leave with it. It’s contagious and it’s biblical. That is what is so neat about it all, it just fits right. Nothing in this acronym speaks about construction projects, health projects, or children’s projects. While those are very essential and necessary they really are secondary. And I am so proud that our partners in ministry “get it!”

So for 2015, this little powerful word PRAY will serve to reflect what we VALUE most, determine our PRIORITIES and guide our STRATEGY! Get on board and get revived!
Grace and Peace,
David Ceballos