One of the first steps in planning a mission trip is to contact the UMVIM coordinators with the following:
The team’s preferred dates and the type of work that the mission team is offering to help with.
The pastoral/missionary staff of IEMPA confirms the dates (or suggests alternative dates), and assigns a worksite according to the needs in Panama

The Pastoral/Missionary Staff of the United Methodist Mission Church of Panama has a prioritized list of needs and makes all decisions about work locations for UMVIM teams.
This Pastoral/Missionary Staff matches a team’s skills, size, and dates to the appropriate project, taking into account constantly evolving priorities.

Sometimes teams have preferences as to where they would like to work. When possible, that is taken into account.
Occasionally, it is necessary for the local staff to change the destination site for an UMVIM team before they arrive. It is always a decision of last resort, but can happen for a variety of reasons. If a change is required, we try to give the team as much warning as possible.

Approx. 3 months before your arrival date, we will send you a Data Sheet or you may download it under the forms section. Please fill this out and get it to your coordinator within 2 months of your arrival date. This will allow us to begin making all of your arrangements.