1. To learn about the update and status of the construction project in Punta Delgadita, Santiago, please go to the Construction tab and find Santiago Update or click
HERE to take you there.

2. We are going to begin a new phase of environmental projects called Chimney Stove building. This project is an effort to curb smoke inhalation problems we have found to be chronic in rural areas leading to vision problems and respiratory problems. This year 2016 will be the beginning of this pilot program and we are excited about the possibilities. This is part of Cynthia’s Community Health Program under Environmental and Assessment program.

For further information on these opportunities, you can email Cindy Ceballos at as the initial contact person and further information. She will be able to direct you appropriately to the right source for further discussion. CLICK THE LINK IN GREEN BELOW TO SEE THE MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES.

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2012 Year End Review
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Panama Pipeline 1st 2012
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