Construction: Construction work sites are needed in many provinces of Panama. These projects range from repair, remodeling to new construction. Projects may include, but not limited to, brick laying, plumbing, carpentry, cement work, electrical, roofing and general construction labor. Your team will normally work alongside a local foreman. The actual construction work that teams participate in is very basic, and the work is accessible to all skill levels. Click on sub-menu on bottom right for existing projects.

Medical/Dental: The long term health focus of IEMPA is the development of a sustainable, holistic health care ministry to the marginalized and indigenous populations of Panama. A focus of priority includes the welcoming and support of UMVIM health care teams including but not limited to, medical, dental, optical and health education.
See Medical sub-menu for instructions and medical forms

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Assessments & Environmental: Community assessments need to be conducted in various locations to provide us with a better understanding of contextual needs. This assists in the planning of the type of teams that are needed as well as areas of ministry and service.
Water purificationIMG_1345 Stove Building 12140901_10153697512859044_5508091340827021371_oCommunity Health Workshops

Church Development/Other: We encourage a variety of options for teams to engage in training and strengthening the local church. Examples: VBS, drama, music and other creative expressions of the gospel.
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