IMPORTANT: Doctors, dentists and nurses will need to submit notarized copies of current license and professional school diploma along with a color copy of passports and a brief one-page professional resume before coming on a medical mission. Additionally, we need a list of all team members and their passport numbers and a manifest of all medicines being brought in to the country indicating the expiration date of each item. Please include: Drug name, Lot #, Quantity and Expiration date. These will need to be received approx. 2 months prior to your team’s arrival date. This information may be scanned and sent to your coordinator or the documents may be sent via UPS, DHL or FED Ex (but not by USPS Express Mail) to the following address:
Iglesia Evangelica Metodista de Panama
Via Espana y Calle Martin Luther King (IPA)
Casa # 19  Las Sabanas
Ciudad de Panama
Republic of Panama
  Tel. /FAX 011-507- 224-5184

****Please notify Rev. Rhett Thompson or Cindy Ceballos when documents are sent.****

Health Care Teams are responsible for providing
everything they need to run a clean clinic.
Authorized gleaning from US clinics and hospitals is an excellent way to get these supplies at no cost. Several nonprofit agencies specialize in collecting, packaging and shipping these supplies. They basically charge only for shipping and handling.
Health Resources

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Expired meds are never allowed in the country. If you choose to prepackage medications before arrival, please bring along one of the empty containers so that expiration may be verified. Also place a list of all medications and the expiration date in the suitcase as well. The team leader should also carry a list of all medications and their expiration dates that are in each bag.
If you have medications that you would like to leave in country at the end of the week, there is a Medication Inventory form to assist you which is can be accessed in the Forms section.
At the end of your week, we ask for detailed records to be provided at of each trip for reporting and follow-up purposes. A
Medical/Dental team report will be provided to you or you may download in the Forms section.

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