Community Assessments/Environmental

Community assessments still need to be conducted in various locations where we serve to give us better understanding of the contextual needs. Doing this assists us greatly in understanding the needs of the community, the types of teams we need and our focus areas of ministry. We do these assessments in conjunction with VIM teams. All assessment forms are provided and are bilingual for ease of use.

Assessments are conducted through interviews and observation. An analysis of the data collected can be conducted by both Panamanian staff as well as team members. The findings will be compiled in the form of a report by the VIM team that summarizes their findings. We will post the results so that teams will have an opportunity to review and plan for the particular concerns of the people of our various service areas.

Environmental projects may be planned and implemented based on findings.
These include, but not limited to:

Latrine building projects
Stove building projects
Water purification projects

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